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Following Inlay

- The cement is already set and the crown, veneer, inaly/onlay or bridge is ready for immediate use.

- You may experience some minor discomfort for the first few days following your treatment. This should diminish gradually over time.

- If you have been given an anesthetic, this should wear off in a few hours. Please be careful not to bite your cheek or tongue. Also, do not eat or drink anything extremely hot or cold until the anesthetic has completely worn off.

- The bite should feel normal when the anesthetic wears off. If sensitivity to hot, cold or biting pressure persist longer than one week, please call our office for a follow-up evaluation and/or simple adjustment.

- The tooth will look natural in color, so you may not be able to notice the restoration.

- Do not bite anything with your teeth that can damage them (such as finger nails, thread, fishing line, paper clips, pens, etc.).

- We recommend professional maintenance and evaluation at least twice a year. If you have had a periodontal (gum disease) problem in the past, you should see us a minimum of four times a year.

- Proper care includes BRUSHING, FLOSSING and RINSING WITH OXYFRESH a minimum of twice daily. Proper maintenance will not only prolong the life of the restoration but will also help to prevent problems elsewhere in your mouth.

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