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Do Children Need Extra Care?

Pediatric dentists help your children maintain excellent oral health as they grow and mature. Our Roanoke, VA, dentists at Hunting Hills pediatric dentistryFamily Dentistry explain why pediatric care is so important.

Early treatment is essential

Pediatric dentists are familiar with the issues that can affect your children's jaws, teeth and mouth at various stages in their lives. If dentists detect any problems during regular dental exams, they can recommend treatment that will help your children avoid lifelong pain and dental issues. Identifying and treating tooth decay as soon as possible is also a priority. Although it's true that children will soon lose their primary teeth, it's important to preserve and protect these teeth. When primary teeth are lost prematurely, the eruption of the secondary teeth can be affected. The problem can occur if your child's teeth shift, blocking a secondary tooth from erupting normally.

Pediatric dentists cater to children

Visiting the dental office can be a little daunting to young children. Pediatric dentists understand their fears and strive to make dental visit stress-free and fun for their youngest patients. When children begin visits after their very first tooth appears, going to a dentist soon becomes part of their normal routines, not an upsetting experience

During your child's visits to our Roanoke office, our dentists and staff members will explain every aspect of the examination, X-ray and treatment process in terms geared to your son or daughter's developmental level. They'll also discuss the importance of good oral hygiene, demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and encourage your child to make oral hygiene a priority.

Child-sized equipment ensures a comfortable experience

Patient comfort is important whether you're three or 30. Dental treatment is safer and easier when your child doesn't slide down in the dental chair and dental instruments fit comfortably in his or her mouth. Dentists who welcome children also offer activities or videos that will keep your child occupied while you chat with the dental staff or update your child's medical and dental history in the waiting room.

Could your child benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist? Call the Roanoke, VA, dentists at Hunting Hills Family Dentistry at (540) 769-5020 to schedule an appointment.

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