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Oral Hygiene Starts With the First Tooth

Most parents will likely agree that once the screaming stops, fewer things are more rewarding and adorable than the sight of their baby's first teeth erupting through their slippery little gums. As babies become toddlers and their first set of teeth fully come in, they may not necessarily seem like a priority because well, cute as they are, how important can baby teeth really be, when they're only going to First Toothfall out to make room for the permanent teeth in a few years?

According to the pediatric dentists at Roanoke, VA-based Hunting Hills Family Dentistry, parents should treat their children's first teeth as they would their permanent adult teeth. Meaning, proper oral hygiene and dental care is just as important with baby teeth, even if they're going to fall out anyway.

Why Does Caring for Baby Teeth Matter?

Although they are only temporary, the same oral hygiene and dental health rules apply to your bundle of joy's adorable little fangs. Young gums and teeth are also susceptible to decay and cavity-causing bacteria. Young children are especially susceptible to the effects of excessive sugar in drinks and food, and the effects of plaque and bacteria buildup in baby teeth don't go away when they fall out. In fact, poor early childhood oral hygiene habits can actually impact how well the permanent teeth develop, and can interfere with the development of tooth enamel and strong teeth. Instilling a brushing and flossing habit in children early on is an investment in their future dental health.

Contact a Pediatric Dentist in Roanoke

Establishing good oral hygiene care and habits in childhood is the best way to ensure that your child maintains healthy teeth and gums into adulthood. Pediatric dental checkups and professional cleanings are a great place to start. Contact a dentist at Hunting Hills Family Dentistry at (540) 769-5020 to schedule an appointment in Roanoke today.

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