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Tooth Decay in Toddlers

Your Roanoke pediatric dentist shares the best ways to prevent tooth decay from damaging your child’s smile.

Tooth decay might seem rather commonplace but it’s not something to ignore. In fact, this is the most common disease that inflicts children. However, tooth decay can be prevented with the proper habits. Find out just how tooth decay forms and what your ToddlersRoanoke, VA pediatric dentist recommends doing to prevent tooth decay from happening to your little one.

What causes tooth decay in toddlers?

A major contributor to a healthy smile is diet. With a rise in tooth decay we take a look at just what our children are eating. In fact, it seems that kids are eating more and more carbohydrates and sweets. Bacteria in our mouths feed off sugar, which can destroy healthy tooth enamel. If your child is consuming a lot of sugar or snacks like crackers then it might be time to revamp their diet a bit to protect their smile.

A lack of fluoride can also be to blame for childhood tooth decay. After the age of 6 months a child should be getting fluoride into their daily diet. Fluoride not only helps to prevent cavities but it also aids in the healthy development of permanent teeth. If your child is not getting the fluoride required for a healthy smile, then it’s time to talk to your Roanoke, VA pediatric dentist about ways your child can get fluoride both in and out of our office.

How can I prevent tooth decay from happening to my child’s smile?

Do you know that children often need help brushing until they are at least six years old? If you are leaving your child up to their own devices when it comes to their oral hygiene then you may want to take a more active role. This is especially important if your child has consumed sweets or carbohydrates, which can cause decay if left on teeth for too long. Take time to brush with your child, making sure they get into those hard-to-reach spots and helping them as much as possible.

With this unfortunate rise in tooth decay it’s never been a better time to become more proactive in protecting your child’s smile. Schedule your child’s next routine dental visit with your Roanoke pediatric dentist, Dr. Richard D. Smith II at Hunting Hills Family Dentistry.

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