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Teaching Your Children Proper Dental Habits

Teaching your children proper dental habits promotes healthier teeth and gums. It can also help them develop good oral hygiene practices that carry into adulthood. Proper dental habits can include brushing and flossing daily, avoiding sugary foods and drinks, and seeing a dentist regularly for a checkup and cleaning. At Hunting Hills Family Dentistry in Roanoke, our friendly pediatric dentists can provide recommendations for teaching your children proper dental habits at home. 

Oral Hygiene Habits at Home

One way to help your children develop proper dental habits is to establish a consistent oral hygiene routine. Kids should be taught to brush their teeth twice every day. It is best to provide younger children with assistance brushing to ensure all surface areas of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. However, they should still be encouraged to participate. Kids of all ages should be instructed to brush gently. Brushing teeth too harshly can erode enamel and leave teeth more susceptible to decay. 

Dental Checkups and Cleanings  

Periodic dental checkups and cleanings are another component to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Taking kids to the dentist regularly teaches them that it is an essential part of their oral care routine. It can also help calm any fears some children might have about dental appointments.

Scheduling regular checkups with a pediatric dentist at our office in Roanoke is a great way to help your children maintain optimal oral health. Every checkup includes a thorough teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which helps prevent cavities. Coming in regularly also gives the dentist an opportunity to identify any new oral health concerns that might have developed since the last visit. Further, potential issues can be addressed right away before the problem progresses. 

Healthy Eating Habits 

In addition to brushing and flossing daily and scheduling regular dental checkups, proper dental habits can also include establishing healthy eating habits. Consuming a lot of sugary foods and drinks can increase a child’s risk of developing cavities. The sugar in foods and drinks mixes with bacteria in the mouth to form acid, which erodes tooth enamel. When enamel erodes, the teeth are more susceptible to decay. Teaching children to make smart dietary choices can help them maintain a healthier mouth. 

Teaching your children proper dental habits is an excellent way to help them maintain optimal oral health and establish effective life-long practices. To learn more about teaching good dental habits to your children or to schedule their next dental checkup with one of our skilled pediatric dentists, call Hunting Hills Family Dentistry in Roanoke at (540) 523-1326.

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